PPP-SB Chairperson to join Aurat March in Karachi

Pakistan Peoples Party – Shaheed Bhutto (PPP-SB) Chairperson, Ghinwa Bhutto has annoucned to join Aurat March on 8th of March in metropolitian city of Karachi.

Chairperson expressed her full support for Aurat March and she also donated Rs. 25000 funds to organizers of the March.

She is joining Aurat March with her party workers from 70 Clifton, and invited common women to join this March for their rights.

The Manifesto of this march demands economic justice, including implementation of labour rights, the Sexual Harassment Against Women in the Workplace Act 2010, recognition of women’s input to the ‘care economy’ as unpaid labour, and provision of maternity leaves and day care centres to ensure women’s inclusion in the labour force.

Among other things, it also demands access to safe drinking water and air, protection of animals and wildlife, recognition of women’s participation in production of food and cash crops, access to a fair justice system, inclusion of women with disabilities as well as the transgender community, reproductive justice, access to public spaces inclusion in educational institutions, rights of religious minorities, promotion of an anti-war agenda, end to police brutality and enforced disappearances

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